smiling woman in dentists chair after root canals at Marcus Black DDS So many people dread root canals, not understanding that this treatment causes no more discomfort than a typical cavity filling. But through this type of endodontic treatment, your dentist saves a tooth otherwise lost to decay or damage. Some root canals repair and restore your affected tooth. Others require additional support provided through dental crowns in Rogers, Arkansas. Whichever method works best for your bite, Dr. Black ensures you understand your treatment plan before your root canal therapy begins. In fact, through effective methods learned in years of practice, Marcus Black DDS helps you get back to healthy, discomfort-free talking, eating, and smiling in no time.

What are root canals?

Root canals are the canals deep within your tooth roots, where spongy pulp tissue holds nerves important to tooth development. But in a fully grown and erupted tooth, you do not need these inner tissues anymore. So when your tooth experiences a deep cavity or traumatic damage to these areas, you receive treatment for your root canal Rogers Arkansas. Most people call this treatment “root canal.”

As part of this endodontic procedure, Dr. Black works to save your infected or damaged tooth. Such damage usually occurs because of deep tooth decay, a cracked tooth, repeated dental treatment, or injury. He removes the pulp, cleaning and disinfecting the area before filling and sealing it. In essence, your root canal therapy saves a tooth you would otherwise lose to its damage.

Do I need a root canal?

Your dentist tells you when you need a root canal Rogers Arkansas. This treatment helps when infection or other damage reaches deep within your tooth, to the pulp. The pulp also becomes infected with bacteria and can lead to a need for tooth extraction in AR.

Although many people claim a root canal hurts or feels worse than other dental treatments, the reality is that you feel little pain and recover very quickly. You only feel like you do after a cavity filling. Your dentist provides local anesthesia and instructions for self-care until your numbness wears off.

How a Root Canal Works

Root canals in Rogers, Arkansas require four steps, usually performed as part of two office visits. The first visit is the actual root canal procedure, and the second visit is the placement of a crown when needed, plus a checkup on the restored tooth’s health.

In the first visit, you receive local anesthesia. You hear your dentist using small power tools, such as a drill. But because you feel numb, you feel no pain. Dr. Black drills into the tooth through its top portion, then clearing away the infected pulp from inside.

After clearing away the diseased material, he shapes the inner chamber with a file. He thoroughly cleans the chamber and dries it, filling it with rubbery gutta-percha. If you will receive a crown over the tooth to strengthen it, he uses a temporary filling to seal the cavity. Otherwise, you receive a permanent filling.

A few weeks later, you visit again. This visit involves checking the tooth for its restored health and placing your crown or other restoration on top of your tooth.

After your root canal in Rogers, Arkansas, you continue practicing a good daily oral health regimen. The daily regimen includes brushing your teeth twice daily using fluoride toothpaste, flossing each day, and using a fluoride rinse. You must also see your dentist twice yearly for checkups to avoid needing more root canals in Rogers, Arkansas.

Root Canals at Marcus Black, DDS

In Rogers, Arkansas, Marcus Black, DDS performs root canal therapy and many other dental services to keep your smile attractive and healthy. These dental services include:

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