Do I Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Your wisdom teeth are your third molars, located at the very back of your mouth. They tend to surface between the ages of 16 and 19, when you are older and have acquired some “wisdom”! Therefore, they are the last teeth to appear in your mouth. Regular visits for general dentistry in AR keep a lookout for incoming wisdom teeth.

Why Do I Need Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

There are several reasons why someone might need wisdom teeth extraction in AR. When people ask, “Why do I need wisdom tooth extraction?” the most common answer is that by removing them early, you can avoid problems later in life. As your wisdom teeth develop and start to come in, there are many ways that things can go wrong. Among these are:

  • Sometimes wisdom teeth have trouble breaking through the surface of the gum line. The technical term for this is “impaction.” Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a variety of problems. Most common among these, the impacted teeth crowd the other teeth and create a great deal of pain.
  • Sometimes wisdom teeth can be only partially impacted. This means that they break through the gum line, but then a flap of gum tissue grows over them. This tissue can easily trap food, become infected, and cause a lot of pain.
  • Wisdom teeth can come in at the wrong angle, which can be painful and can affect your bite.
  • Impacted teeth can cause damage to your other teeth and your bones, and also run the risk of developing cysts.
  • The risk of cavities and gum disease is significantly higher when you have wisdom teeth. This is in part because it is simply more challenging to brush and floss in the back of your mouth.

If you have been asking yourself, “Do I need wisdom tooth extraction?” it is worth consulting a dentist and getting a professional opinion. It is never too early to get the advice of an experienced dentist like the members of the team at Marcus Black, D.D.S.

But Do I Need Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Let’s be very clear. If you are experiencing any discomfort at the back of your mouth, have had headaches or facial pain that might be connected to your wisdom teeth, or have seen any signs of infection, you need to see a professional. Let dental x-rays in AR reveal the causes of your discomfort. And most dentists agree that if you have not yet had them removed and you are between the ages of 17 and 25, it is also a good idea to go whether you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above or not. A little bit of prevention now will serve you well in the future, especially when it comes to the question of “Do I need wisdom tooth extraction?”

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When asking, “Do I need wisdom tooth extraction?” there are many things to consider. But with the help of an experienced dentist who can answer all of your questions, you will be on the right track in no time. Dr. Marcus Black will soon be entering his fourth decade of serving the smiles of his community. To learn more about his experience, his team, and the Marcus Black, D.D.S. philosophy, contact us online or by calling 479.464.0900 today!

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