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What is Laser Gum Recontouring

Many people show an excessive or uneven amount of gum tissue when they smile. Having a disproportionate amount of gum tissue can detract greatly from an otherwise great looking smile. With the technology available today, a “gummy smile” is no longer an obstacle for achieving a beautiful smile. Through laser gum recontouring, you can achieve the best-looking smile possible. If you believe that you have a “gummy smile,” talk to your dentist about laser gum recontouring.

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All About Laser Gum Recontouring

What causes a “gummy smile”? Various factors such as genetics, certain medications, and poor oral health can cause an overgrowth or asymmetry in the gum tissue. In many instances, the gum tissue can dominate the smile and take the focus off of the teeth. In order to correct a gummy smile, we use soft tissue like an artist would use a paintbrush. The laser reshapes the position and structural composition of the gum tissue by literally vaporizing the unwanted gum tissue. The procedure is effortless and requires very little anesthetic. Patients can return to their daily activities immediately. A full recovery is possible in just a few days. Your dentist can use the soft tissue laser in many different ways. Most often we use the laser in our Smile Makeovers. Using the soft tissue laser, we can remove excess gum tissue and reshape the gums to achieve a more symmetrical and aesthetic look. The soft tissue laser can also be used to help treat periodontal disease or other poor oral health conditions by removing tissue that traps bacteria around the teeth. Additionally, many oral lesions or ulcers can be treated with the laser in order to eliminate pain and speed recovery.

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Marcus Black DDS is proud to provide laser gum recontouring. This service allows us to restore the smile of our patients. By being the go-to cosmetic dental practice of Rogers, AR, we can continue to correct the smiles of those who need it. We also teach our patients how to maintain their smile and best care for their oral health.