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What are Sports Mouth Guards?

In sports, one of the most injured areas of the body is the mouth. This is especially true for contact sports such as football, hockey, and basketball. At a bare minimum, athletes need some sort of basic protection from traumatic blows to the mouth. With advances in sports and dental technology, there are a variety of options for athletes to choose from depending on their sport and also their drive to improve their athletic performance. Yes, some sports mouth guards can even improve athletic performance by enhancing the range of motion and balance.

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About Sports Mouth Guards

The three types of sports mouth guards available:

1) Basic Sports Guard: This guard is made of an elastomeric polymer than custom fits the athlete’s dentition and bite. It is semi-soft and protects against traumatic blows.

2) UnderArmour Bite: The Under Armour Bite guard comes in two options and was originally developed through the use of Best Bite technology. This guard not only provides protection but also places the athlete’s bite in a more optimal positional for airway intake and performance enhancement. This option is ideal for the high school or weekend athlete looking for both protection and an edge on the competition. For more information, please visit www.bitetech.com.

3) PPM Makkar Advantage: The most advanced sports mouth guard available is the PPM (or Pure Power Mouth Guard). Utilizing TENS neuromuscular technology, the PPM is custom fit to the athlete by finding the optimal jaw relationship for performance and protection. The PPM is worn by many professional athletes including NFL, NBA, PGA, MLB, NHL, NasCar, and professional surfers. Most recently the New Orleans Saints were profiled on Monday Night Football by Jon Gruden in their use of the PPM and their road to the Super Bowl.

The Sports Mouth Guards Rogers, AR Athletes Need

If you or your loved one wishes to play any type of sport, you need sports mouth guards before you do anything. Not wearing the sports mouth guards Rogers AR provides will leave the mouth at risk for several injuries, including:

  • Displaced or loose teeth from the socket
  • Chips, cracks, and fractures
  • Teeth falling out
  • Cuts on the gums, lips, and inner cheeks
To protect yourself or your child, turn to the professionals of Marcus Black DDS. Here, we provide the sports mouth guards necessary to keep the mouth safe during play.