How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Millions of Americans have a missing tooth or teeth, and that number is expected to increase every year. Many of those Americans are in the market for dentures or other missing teeth replacements. Thanks to pop culture, people often equate getting dentures to old age. However, almost 3% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 35 have dentures, while 57% of people age 65 to 74 have some form of dentures. Most people do not think they will be one of these millions of Americans who will need dentures, so they do not often ask how much do dentures cost. But whether you expect to have them or not, it is important to be aware of the costs.

Types of Dentures

Not everyone needs to get a full set of new teeth. There are various different kinds of teeth for different situations. One of the more common types of dentures is partial dentures. These are replacement teeth with gum-colored base that can be removed or put in at any time. Partial dentures are utilized when there are a still a lot more natural teeth in the mouth. A bridge is another type of partial denture. A fixed dental bridge is designed to replace one or more teeth. It places a crown on the neighboring teeth and places an artificial tooth between them. A dental bridge is fixed in and is not removable unlike traditional partial dentures.

Partial dentures can be expensive depending on how many teeth are missing. How much do partial dentures cost? On average, they will cost upwards of $500. Depending on your insurance coverage, that price could decrease.

For full dentures, more work is required to prepare for them. A complete denture requires the teeth to be removed from the mouth and healed prior to being placed. The healing process can take up to three months after teeth are removed to be complete. Full dentures alone can cost, on average, $1,500 depending on your dental insurance coverage. Since traditional dentures require the natural teeth to be removed, you should keep in mind the costs of a tooth extraction procedure.

Do I Need Dentures?

Millions of people are living with missing teeth and no replacements in place. If you are missing a tooth but have no trouble doing your daily tasks and do not mind the cosmetic appeal, you may not necessarily need dentures. Many people use whether or not they can afford dentures to dictate if they invest in them. The process to get dentures can take months before you receive them. And depending on whether you need other work down, it could mean a few procedures along the way.

Dentures are custom investments. Much like fingerprints, everyone’s jaws are different. They are a lifelong investment that will likely require adjustment as you go through life. It is important to be aware that dentures are rarely a one-time purchase. Accidents happen all the time. They could break, get lost, or no longer fit correctly. Both full and partial dentures are long-term investments that need to be taken care of properly.

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Nobody wants to lose their smile or their ability to eat comfortably. For many, having dentures changes their lives. At Marcus Black DDS, we can help you find the right solution for your missing teeth. In addition to dentures, we also offer dental services for:

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