patient receiving the dental crowns Rogers AR offersDental restorations have changed a lot over the years. Traditionally, dentists used metal restorations such as silver fillings, full coverage metal crowns, or metal crowns covered with porcelain to fix decayed or broken teeth. While metal is very strong, it is not very aesthetic. Even porcelain covered metal dental crowns tend to have an unsightly gray line at the gum line.

New advances in dental technology have allowed cosmetic dentists the ability to create long lasting restorations with much more natural looking materials. We use the latest techniques in conjunction with porcelain and composite restorative materials in order to restore the functionality of teeth in a very aesthetically pleasing way. We do not use any metal in our fillings, and we consistently strive to make restored teeth look just as nature intended. Whether you need a filling, onlay, crown or bridge, our goal is to make each tooth we restore look as though it has never been touched.

The Process for Dental Crowns

Before you make a decision regarding dental crowns, its best to have an understanding of the process. Before you begin with your crowns, you will have a consultation with your dentist. Here, you will speak with your dentist to determine if this is the best for your oral care.

The process begins with your dentist using a color chart to determine which color will best match the rest of your teeth. This helps create a more natural appearance once we place the crown. Then, they shape the tooth to create space for the new dental crowns. If cavities are present, we remove them. If a space is left from a root canal, we use a permanent material to fill the space. To make an impression of the teeth, you will bite down on a substance similar to clay.

A lab will use the mold to create dental crowns that fit your teeth perfectly. A temporary crown allows you to function before the permanent crowns are complete. A cement allows the dentist to attach the crown. After placement, they will check your bite and jaw movement.

Receiving the Dental Crowns Rogers AR Offers at Marcus Black DDS

When it comes to restorative dentistry services, Marcus Black DDS is the leading name in the Rogers, AR area. Our team is always learning, implementing, and using the latest equipment, technology, and techniques to give our patients their best smile possible.

We also provide the following services:

  • Sports mouth guards
  • Dental x rays
  • TMJ headache treatment
  • Painless cold sore removal
  • Dental digital imaging
  • Porcelain veneers
  • No prep veneers
  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Laser gum recontouring

If you have questions regarding the dental crowns Rogers AR provides, contact Marcus Black DDS today. Call now at 479.322.3548 for an appointment.