If you don’t have the smile that you want to have as a result of damage to your visible teeth, one possible solution is the application of cosmetic dental veneers. What are veneers, though, and how can they help you get the perfect smile? Today we are taking a closer look at this cosmetic dental procedure and how dentists use porcelain veneers in Rogers Arkansas.

What Are Veneers?

Are you asking, what are dental veneers? In short, a veneer is a thin shell customized to fit over the front of the tooth. It’s usually constructed of porcelain or a strong resin substance. They create a cosmetically pleasing appearance. They also protect parts of the tooth that may have damage, discoloring, or decay in the past.

Additionally, they look like natural teeth and match the color of surrounding teeth in order to blend in seamlessly.  Your dentist may recommend them if you have excessively chipped teeth, crooked teeth that an orthodontic procedure cannot fix, or have small gaps of uneven spacing of your teeth.

What Can Veneers Do For Me?

Veneers are a strong and lasting way to provide your visible teeth with a natural-looking surface. Less of the tooth enamel needs removal for the placement of a veneer. A crown or cap requires more. It is ideal for fixing chipping and uneven wear on incisors. You will be able to have a nearly perfect smile in just a few visits. If they become damaged in time, you may be able to repair the veneers rather than replace them. This saves you significantly down the line if you ever need a touch-up.

Getting Veneers For The First Time

If you have never had veneers before, you may wonder what the procedure is like. It will not be much different than any other routine dental appointment such as getting a cleaning or dental cavity filling. It will begin with a preparation phase where the dentist will remove a minute portion of the enamel from the front and sides of the teeth that will receive the veneer. This is so that your teeth will not be enlarged by the presence of the veneer material.

Once completing this, the dentist will take a mold for the purpose of preparing the veneer. During this portion of the appointment, the shade of the surrounding teeth will also be matched to the veneer that is being prepared. In some cases, the dentist provides a temporary veneer for the teeth until such time as the permanent veneer is completed. This can take a few days and will ideally be scheduled for an appointment within the week.

At the second appointment, the veneers will be placed on the teeth and checked for proper fit and comfort. Some adjustments may be necessary. However, once they are perfectly placed the veneers will be bonded to the teeth with a powerful dental epoxy. Enjoy your new smile!

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