Do I Need A Root Canal?

If you have been experiencing any tooth pain at all, you are right to ask yourself, “Do I need a root canal?” Many people still think of root canals as the painful dental procedures that they usually were in their parents’ and grandparents’ day. The truth of the matter is, there have been so many advancements in endodontics, that is, in root canal procedures, in the last few years, that root canals are usually as safe and painless as regular fillings. There’s no need to hesitate to get a root canal in Rogers, AR.

And as the American Association of Endodontists tells us, upwards of 15 million root canals are performed each year in the U.S. alone. So if you have been wondering, “Do I need a root canal?” have no fear!

Signs You Need a Root Canal

The American Dental Association indicates that dentists most often perform root canals when the nerve or the pulp of a tooth is infected and must be removed. Numerous tooth problems can result in this condition, including a cracked or chipped tooth, a dental abscess, and advanced tooth decay. Here are some signs that you are right to be asking yourself, “Do I need a root canal?”:

Tooth pain

The most obvious condition that should be leading you to ask, “Do I need a root canal?” is tooth pain. The pain that you experience when you have one or more teeth with infected pulp or an infected nerve may range from moderate to very painful, but as time goes on, it will become worse. Whether you need a root canal or not, any kind of tooth pain is worth a visit to your dentist, so have it checked out!

Sensitivity to hot or cold food and drink

There are many reasons that you may experience temperature sensitivity in your teeth, but the kind of infection that can be repaired by a root canal is a major one. Once again, this type of sensitivity is worth a visit to your dentist.

Gum sensitivity

If you have nerve or pulp that is infected or inflamed, it is likely that the pain that you are experiencing is not limited just to the tooth itself. Have you noticed gum pain? If so, especially when brushing or flossing, make an appointment for a dental exam.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you need to reach out to an experienced dentist like Marcus Black, D.D.S. and his team of professional dental specialists. Ask about root canal services during your general dentistry services in AR.

What to Expect

A root canal involves removing the infected pulp and nerves of a tooth and sealing the tooth to prevent future infection. The procedure often only requires a single office visit, but sometimes a dentist opts to perform the procedure over the course of two appointments. Your root-canal procedure will involve:

  • Having x-rays taken of your tooth so that your dentist can understand the extent of the problem
  • Administering a strong local anesthetic to ensure that you will not feel any pain during the procedure
  • Drilling into the top of your tooth and effectively removing the infected portion of the nerve and pulp, and disinfecting the area
  • Filling the tooth and sealing it to prevent future infection

Your dentist may also prescribe a short course of antibiotics to make sure that the infection, once removed, has not spread.

Call Marcus Black, D.D.S.

If you have been asking yourself, “Do I need a root canal?” it is possible that the pain and sensitivity that you have been experiencing will worsen. But even if you do not need a root canal, it is worth knowing for sure and isolating and treating the cause or causes of your discomfort. Contact Marcus Black DDS and his staff today by calling 479.464.0900. You don’t need to experience tooth pain any longer.

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