How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

When you visit the dentist, the last thing that you want to hear is that you need a root canal. The one name within restorative dentistry services alone is enough to strike fear into most people. However, root canals are standard procedures and no longer something that you should fear thanks to advancements in dentistry. Despite that, it’s common to be concerned about how much does a root canal cost.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

There are two main reasons that people never seek root canal treatment. One is that they fear the procedure even though they shouldn’t. The other is that they don’t know the root canal cost. To that end, how much does a root canal cost?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer because prices vary significantly from city to city. For instance, some states have a high cost of living. In those areas, the root canal cost is more compared to states with a lower cost of living.

Also, the teeth that need root canals affect the price. For example, root canals on the front teeth could run between $300 and $1,500. On average, though, it costs around $900 to $1,100.

Getting a root canal on a molar costs a bit more at $500 to $2,000. Keep in mind that these prices are for one tooth. In some cases, dentists give discounts to patients who need more than one root canal.

Paying for a Root Canal

You shouldn’t let the root canal cost prevent you from seeking treatment. In fact, there are multiple ways to pay for it. Many dentists work with insurance companies to make these services affordable for as many people as possible. Find out your dental insurance coverage for Marcus Black DDS in Arkansas.

If you have dental insurance, you can visit a dentist’s website to fill out the insurance verification form. Then the dental office can confirm whether or not it accepts your insurance policy. This information is a good starting point to get an estimate of your cost for the procedure.

Of course, insurance doesn’t always cover the entire cost of a root canal. Most of the time, it only pays a portion of the bill. Thankfully, there are other options if you don’t have insurance or the entire sum to cover the expenses.

Financial services, such as CareCredit, give people access to affordable payment plans. With these programs, you can make affordable monthly payments on all of your dental services. You don’t have to worry about paying the root canal cost all at once.

We Offer Affordable Root Canal Services

Do you want to know more about how much does a root canal cost? Maybe you want to know more about root canals in general. If so, it’s time to reach out to Marcus Black, D.D.S. We offer several general and restorative dentistry services, including:

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