How to Prevent Teeth Shifting

There are several explanations for why teeth shift. Even though aging is one, the majority of reasons why moving teeth occur are avoidable.  If you’re experiencing shifting teeth, you can reduce the damaging effects. Find out about some common causes of why teeth move and learn how to prevent teeth shifting any further.

Reduce Your Intake of Sugar and Carbonated Beverages

Acid from carbonated beverages and sugary foods make decay happen at the gum line. This weakens the gum line area and enables teeth to shift. What’s more, sugary snacks stick to teeth and ruin tooth enamel. Consider trying some excellent alternatives. For example, snack on fresh fruit instead of sugary sweets and drink water in place of soda.

Refrain From Grinding Your Teeth

If upon awakening, you realize that your teeth have shifted, you may have been grinding (bruxism) your teeth in your sleep for a while. Teeth grinding is common and there’s no need to feel ashamed. A dentist can determine the best solution to help you curb that habit. In addition, you’ll learn about how to prevent teeth shifting, long-term.

Take Steps to Avoid Getting Gum Disease

Periodontal (Gum) disease often causes teeth to shift. An accumulation of germs (plaque) and tartar (calculus) is the main source of gum disease. In this condition, toxins damage gum tissue and the bones around the teeth. A professional must treat gum disease because it doesn’t heal on its own. If untreated, tooth loss occurs.

Lower your risk of getting gum disease with these tips:

  • Brush your teeth often
  • Floss regularly
  • Get professional teeth cleanings
  • Visit your dentist if you notice  loose or shifting teeth, pus, or bleeding gums

General Dentistry Services to Help Prevent Teeth Shifting

Dr. Black and his professional dental caregivers are trained in preventive dental care. We’re non-judgmental, nurturing, and respectful of every patient. We enjoy seeking solutions to your dental problems including how to prevent teeth shifting. Our Arkansas office service the city of Rogers and neighboring communities.

Visit us to receive general dentistry services including:

We also specialize in assessing your pain by conducting a temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) assessment. This is helpful if you have headaches that may stem from problems with chewing or biting your food or experience other uncomfortable issues. Restorative dentistry services and cosmetic dentistry services round out our comprehensive line up to serve you with the utmost in quality care.

As you’ve discovered, learning how to prevent teeth shifting is a matter of developing new dental hygiene habits and afterward, sustaining them. Regular checkups by the expert dentist, Dr. Black, are the solution to maintaining a strong set of healthy teeth. If you’ve noticed a change in the stability of even one tooth, your health is important.  Set up an appointment as soon as possible. Saving teeth is our mission, so contact us at 479.464.0900 today.

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