Why is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

It is a nostalgic moment whenever you think about tooth extraction as you tend to remember your childhood when you still had your baby teeth. Once your adult teeth grow in, those are the teeth you will have for the rest of your life. Thus, you may be anxious if a tooth extraction is necessary for you. Luckily, Marcus Black DDS provides a range of general dentistry services in Rogers, AR to help get the smile you’ve always wanted.

What is Tooth Extraction? 

As opposed to when your milk baby fell out during childhood, extraction involves surgical removal in a simple technical practice. The main reasons why any of your teeth may need to be removed include:

  • Damage  – When any of your teeth are damaged especially due to trauma or decay and the damage cannot be reversed through restorative techniques removal is the best option. Otherwise, you might have to endure severe aches and discomfort due to the damaged tooth
  • Overcrowding  – When your mouth has ill-fitting teeth, a dentist should remove the ones that are out of line. This allows you to have a less embarrassing smile
  • Impacted teeth – This mainly entails when a tooth grows abnormally or it is simply impacted and has to be removed to prevent any negative effects
  • Infection  – Extensive tooth damage or decay can spread all the way up to the pulp which is mainly located at the base of the teeth. The pulp links up with the blood vessels and nerves and any bacteria that enters the pulp can spread severely. When tooth extraction is done to prevent the spread of the infection, it is referred to as root canal therapy
  • Risk of infection  – This is common for patients whose immune system is weak, for instance when undergoing an organ transplant or cancer treatment. A dentist may have to remove certain teeth to minimize the chances of infection
  • Gum or Periodontal disease  – Severe cases of gum problems can lead to infections within the gums themselves, as well as tissues and bones that act as teeth support infrastructure. The infection may worsen if the tooth is not eliminated
  • Aesthetic reasons  – Certain teeth, including those with endogenous stains, are unattractive and can be a source of embarrassment when you smile. It is advisable to have them extracted

The Preparation 

Your dentist will normally conduct a dental X-Ray to check the tooth before they conduct the extraction process. Remember to tell them if you have any of the following:

  • A heart ailment or damaged valves
  • Diabetes
  • Liver, renal, or thyroid disease
  • Hypertension
  • Artificial joint and adrenal ailment
  • Immune impairment

The Process

At Marcus Black DDS, we offer general dentistry services for cosmetic, general, or restorative dentistry purposes. Tooth extraction in Rogers AR is one of the procedures we have perfected through both simple and surgical methods. During the procedure, we first administer a local anesthetic for an individual tooth to numb your gums.

Alternatively, we can use sedatives or general anesthesia for multiple teeth. We then use sterile equipment to remove the teeth and give you a gauze to bite on and stop the bleeding. Normally, you should stop bleeding after a few minutes and we offer you several painkillers to help with the pain. After a successful tooth removal in Rodgers AR, the area should heal within a few weeks.

Comprehensive Dental Care

Marcus Black DDS provides comprehensive dental care by offering a range of general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry services in Rogers, AR including:

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Your adult teeth are permanent but they should never make you risk your overall oral health when they have infections. Have any bad teeth extracted before they can lead to deadlier oral problems and to also give you an attractive smile. Contact Marcus Black DDS today on 479.464.0900 for tooth extraction and general dentistry services Rodgers AR and secure an appointment.

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